About P D Thompson

I’m a self employed PC technician working in the area around Peterborough, UK. My home postcode is PE8 6PS but I cover up to about 30 miles away so Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Peterborough and Rutland are all on my patch. I do home or office visits, with no call-out charge.

Most of my work involves fixing software and operating system problems, mainly on windows computers.  Many of these are due to virus, trojan and other malware affecting computers regardless of the degree of protection installed.

I’m an enthusiast for open source and free software, and use Linux on my desktop PC – currently Ubuntu 10.04. I have experience with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 and some hands-on experience of Mac OSX including making a “hackintosh” using a netbook PC and OSX Snow Leopard.

Broadband connections are a speciality of mine, especially the phone line ADSL services carried on BT lines. These can be dramatically affected by your home phone wiring as well as external factors, not all of which are controllable.

I don’t repair printers, they aren’t worth it. I do take on laptop repairs, though anything requiring component level work or complex repairs I pass on to local specialists once the problem is diagnosed. Desktop PCs are cheaper to buy, own and repair and I do memory upgrades, hard disk replacements and power supply changes on these regularly.


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